Northern Light Expirience

Amidst the natural splendour of Foldvik, this fishing and recreation resort is ideal for unforgettable all year round family holidays - Northern Lights holidays included.

Gratangen waters are perfect fishing grounds, and in winter time you can enjoy all kinds of winter activities - Northern Lights watching beeing of top notch quality. In addition to the many activities which are available at the resort, there are many more in the area.

Aurora Borealis from the hot tub

Northern light fireplace

Viewing point

Enjoying the Aurora from an open-air bath tub is an unforgettable experience. With a 50 degrees difference between the air and the water temperature, a drink in your hand and a dancing Aurora above your head, this is an extra-ordinary way to spend your evening.

Your host is glad to warm up the tub for you on request. 

Cost: 1100 NOK pr. night.

You are welcome to use the cozy fireplace situated 200 meters from your house. Your host will offer you firewood on request.

Cost: 50 NOK pr night for firewood

Viewing point from where you can observe the Aurora uninterrupted and without "artificial light pollution" 200 meters from your house. Your host will show you the spot.