Where histories start...

What story do you want to tell your friends and family? - About big fish, great boat rides and strong powerful nature?

Here at Foldvik you can experience the stories you tell them at home - for a long time.

Wild nature and historie

Foldvik is located in Gratangen municipality, Troms county, ca. 15 km from E-6.

If you drive the Coastal Highway, Route 825, (Coastal Road), including with connection south to Narvik and Lofoten (Lofast) and north to Tromsø and North Cape, you will get to Foldvik and Foldvik Bryggeferie which is a new and modern cabin facility.

Foldvik is historical known for fishing and seal hunting in the Arctic Oceans, military actions during the second World WAR, Foldvik Market, Foldvik Brygger and salmon farming.

The facilities

The resort has 6 cabins of approx. 60 m2. Every cabin has a living room, kitchen, bathroom and 3 bedrooms with room for 6-8 people. The cabins have direct access to the dock, floating dock and rental boats. On the quay at the floating docks are fish cleaning facilities with electricity.

Foldvik brygger has a resturat, pub, washroom and toilets (Foldvik Brygger restaurant is usually only open in the summertime’s).

The store has a great product range, including of pharmaceutical, fuel, propane, fishing gear and groceries.